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Common problems and solutions of laser machine

2020-06-29 18:29:19

The CO2 laser proofer believes that many engineers are very familiar with it, and some teachers believe that the feeling of the laser machine is also very strong! why would you said this? Because the die-cutting company must make samples before developing new orders, this machine is indispensable. The laser machine provides convenience in daily work, saves a lot of time, and saves a lot of knife mold costs.

The role of laser

The laser machine is widely used in the development of auxiliary materials, suitable for double-sided tape, foam, dust net, PVC, protective film, conductive cloth and so on! For some special processing that cannot be done by die cutting, such as small products, micro holes, special shapes, laser machines can also be realized. This is the ingenuity of the laser machine.

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What problems will be encountered in actual operation?

1. The cutting effect is not good or cannot be cut through:

Reason one: It is the power setting, adjust the maximum and minimum light intensity, make fine adjustments or replace the bottom paper with a little thicker; if the guide rail is loose, it may cause power instability;

Reason two: the light path is deviated, you need to fine-tune, or you are cutting too fast;

Reason three: The lens is dirty, please remove it with alcohol and wipe it with dust-free paper, pay attention to removing the lens, pay attention to protecting the lens;

Reason four: The focusing lens is reversed, and the reversed lens causes the optical path to deviate;

Reason five: It is the focal length. If the cut line is too large, the height of the laser head and the material must be adjusted;

Reason six: the power of the laser tube is attenuated, the water temperature is too high, and the voltage is unstable.

2. The device cannot be connected: whether the driver is installed on the computer, whether the USB cable or network cable is plugged in, check whether the USB cable or network cable is damaged, and whether the adapter is corroded;

3. Graphic deformation and cutting overlap during cutting: check whether the guide rail is loose, whether the motor is broken, whether the voltage is stable, and whether the system settings of the machine have been changed;

4. The device will not start or will open when the electric switch is opened: check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, whether the external access power supply is turned on, whether the outside hears an abnormal cracking sound, the line is damaged, and the circuit breaker will trip.

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5. The high-voltage line is catching fire: This problem should be noted that the line may be used for a long time. It is recommended to put a high-voltage insulating sleeve on the outside of the high-voltage line. In this case, power off operation is required.

6. The size of the cut graphics is too large or too small: check whether the platform is flat and whether the material has been flattened, so the suction process should be turned on during the cutting process to suck the material to straight;

7. No light when cutting: first check whether the light switch is broken, whether the chiller is turned on and whether the return water is normal, because many have protection devices now, no cooling water will not emit light;

8. There is no display on the panel after booting: check whether the boot switch is damaged, whether the switching power supply is normal, and then check whether the display panel is damaged or whether the line socket is aging;

9. The guide rail does not rotate or the movement is weak during cutting: check whether there is a problem with the motor, whether there is a problem with the drive, and observe whether the bearing is rusted or stuck with foreign objects;

10. The glass tube does not emit light: check the laser tube laser power supply water circulation system and the light emitting signal. In general, first directly observe whether the laser power supply is normally energized, whether the laser tube inner tube and outer tube are abnormal, and whether the water circulation system is normal. Make the corresponding replacement or adjustment. If this method can emit light normally, it means that the laser power supply of the laser tube is not faulty. It is a signal problem of water protection switch, relay, door switch, board signal, etc., which can be eliminated in turn. If this method does not emit light, it is the problem of the laser tube or laser power supply, which can be solved by the replacement method in the case of poor judgment.