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Composition of galvanometer scanning laser marking head

2020-12-24 17:07:48

Galvanometer scanner

A galvo-based mechanical scanner, referred to as Galvo for short, contains a physical mirror driven by a certain motor. Most of the time, the mirror is connected to the shaft of the motor, but in some designs, the mirror and motor may be a single integrated unit.(oem 3D galvo scanner supplier)

Galvo scanning laser marking head is mainly composed of XY scanning mirror, field lens, galvanometer and computer-controlled marking software. The working principle is that the laser beam is incident on two mirrors (scanning mirrors), and the reflection angle of the mirrors is controlled by a computer. The two mirrors can scan along the X and Y axes respectively to achieve the deflection of the laser beam and make The laser focus point of a certain power density moves on the marking material as required, thereby leaving a permanent mark on the surface of the material. The focused spot can be circular or rectangular.

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In the galvanometer scanning system, vector graphics and text can be used. This method adopts the processing method of graphics software in the computer. It has the characteristics of high drawing efficiency, good graphics accuracy, and no distortion, which greatly improves the laser The quality and speed of marking. At the same time, the galvanometer marking can also use the dot matrix marking method. This method is very suitable for online marking. According to the production line of different speeds, one scanning galvanometer or two scanning galvanometers can be used to mark more Dot matrix information has greater advantages for marking Chinese characters.

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Due to its wide application range, galvanometer scanning marking can be used for vector marking and dot matrix marking, with adjustable marking range, fast response speed and high marking speed (can mark hundreds of characters per second) , The advantages of high marking quality, good light path sealing performance, and strong environmental adaptability have become mainstream products, and are considered to represent the future development direction of laser marking and have broad application prospects.