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Disassembly and assembly steps of galvanometer of laser marking machine

2021-07-22 11:50:53

After using for a period of time, the laser marking machine will have problems such as no light, or weak light reaching the standard depth. these situations are generally caused by problems with the laser galvanometer, which needs to be removed and sent to the manufacturer (Galvo Scan Laser Processing on Sale) Maintenance. Here is an introduction to the disassembly and assembly steps of the laser galvanometer and the matters needing attention.

Steps to disassemble the galvanometer:

1. Before disassembling the galvanometer, it is necessary to confirm that the equipment has been completely powered off, and then proceed to the next step.
2. The removed galvanometer should be covered with a protective cover to prevent scratches, and do not touch other lenses during the operation.
3. Use an Allen wrench to unscrew the marking head. Pay attention that the removed shell is connected to the drive board, and do not pull it forcefully.
4. Remove the power supply line connected to the power supply and the connection line of the motor drive board.
5. Pack the removed y motor x motor and galvanometer and send it to the manufacturer.

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Galvanometer installation steps:

1. Install Y motor and X motor, pay attention to the two motors not interfere with each other at any angle after installation.
2. install the motor drive board.
3. Connect the power cables.
4. Arrange the wiring harness and tie it with a cable tie, and then cover the protective cover.
5. Turn on the power supply, and test to see if it is normal after booting.

The above is the disassembly and assembly steps of the galvanometer of the laser marking machine. hope it will be helpful to you. When the laser marking machine fails, if you are not sure, do not disassemble and repair it privately. You should contact the manufacturer for after-sales solution immediately to avoid improper operation. More serious damage.

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