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Features and use method of hand-held laser derusting machine

2021-10-29 12:12:03

When metal parts are placed in a humid environment for a long time, rust will be generated on the metal surface, which not only affects the appearance, but also greatly affects the performance of the parts. For metal production, engineering and shipbuilding and other fields closely related to the use of metal, it is a very important task to completely remove the rust on the metal surface in time.

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Laser descaling usually uses fiber laser descaling machine. It is an innovative cleaning equipment based on the photophysical reaction caused by the interaction between high-intensity beams, short-pulse lasers and the pollution layer. The cleaning process does not require any organic solvents that destroy the ozone layer. And has the characteristics of no noise and no pollution, it is a "green" cleaning technology.

The laser derusting machine adopts pulse method to derust various carbon steels. It has high work efficiency, high automation, simple process, no need for subsequent processing, and small mechanical load and thermal load on the substrate, which is non-destructive cleaning. The cleaned waste can be recycled without causing environmental pollution, the work efficiency is greatly improved, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and the production cost is saved.

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The laser rust remover is suitable for removing the oxide layer, rust, oil and paint.Instructions for use:

1. Turn on the device switch, tap the screen arbitrarily to enter the first interface, the standby interface.

2. After adjusting, click Standby to enter the preparation interface, step on the foot switch to start cleaning.

3. If you need to adjust the parameters during the cleaning process, click the ready button to return to the standby interface, and click the setting tool in the upper left corner to enter the parameter setting interface.

4. After setting, click the back button to enter the standby interface, click standby, step on the foot switch to start cleaning.

5. The laser cleaning head can be cleaned in a fixed position or hand-held cleaning, which can be determined according to the items to be cleaned.