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How good is the 1000W laser derusting machine?

2020-12-10 18:03:33

Steel is used in the manufacture of automobiles and airplanes. Generally speaking, steel billets are affected by long-term exposure, which affects aesthetics and performance. Although with the development of modern technology, stainless steel has appeared and is still used in life, it does take time and effort to renovate old houses. Also, not all products can use stainless steel, so descaling becomes a headache.(oem handheld laser rust remover supplier)

We also know that once these steels rust, there is no way to continue using them, so they must be discarded, but this will cause a lot of waste. Aiming at this kind of rust problem, the laser descaler can solve this problem well. The high-energy laser is used to eliminate rust, and the final results show that laser rust removal is very effective.(Post objective scanning system price)

The hand-held laser descaling agent on the market uses a 1000-watt laser to burn off metal surfaces, such as rust, paint, etc., while using metal reflection characteristics. Make sure that the part itself is not damaged.

As long as you sweep the rusty part with this laser descaling agent, the rust will disappear completely. The principle of this laser descaling agent is that when rust is subjected to high temperature, it will instantly evaporate. After the plasma is separated, due to the high reflectivity of the underlying metal to light, the rust removal part will not be damaged even if exposed to the laser. This laser descaling method is effective and safe, and it can even clean the corners of parts such as letters and bolts perfectly. Therefore, no matter whether it is difficult to remove rust, it can be easily dealt with. As long as light can reach, rust has nowhere to hide.(Znse Beam combiner company china)
Using such a machine, rust removal becomes easy, fast, efficient and safe.