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How many types of laser are there?

We use laser in many different field and there are different laser machine and component in the market. But do you know how many types of laser machine are there and what these laser machine can do?

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You can sort laser machine in four different types, such as operation material, incentive method, operation method and wavelength.

In operation material, there are 5 different types of laser machine.
1.Solid(crystal and glass) laser machine: the machine put metal ion in the crystal or glass to make a luminescence center.
2.Gas laser machine: the gas laser machine also have different types due to the gas particles.
3.Liquid laser machine: this machine basically have two different liquid material. one is organic fluorescent dye, another is inorganic compound liquid contains rare earth metal ion.
4.Semiconductor laser machine: this machine use semiconductor to trigger stimulated emission.
5.Free electron laser machine: this machine change the speed of free electron to produce coherent electromagnetic radiation.  

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In different wavelength laser machine, there are 7 types of laser machine.
1.Far infrared laser machine
2.Intermediate infrared laser machine
3.Near-infrared laser machine
4.Visible laser machine
5.Near ultraviolet laser machine
6.Vacuum ultraviolet laser machine
7.X-ray laser machine

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