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The possible breakdown of laser machine.

2021-04-12 17:39:47

We use laser machine in different field, everything around us may produce by the laser machine. However, all the machine have a possibility to breakdown. What can be the reason of it and how do we check for breakdown.

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1.No laser when operating the machine. Laser is the main character of the laser machine, if the laser can’t come out normally, we need to check it. Check the laser itself, check the laser head, check the power light and check the fan.
2.Can’t operate after turn on the power. If the machine have power but can’t operate, we need to check the fluorescent tube, check the main board and parameter.
3.The depth of the laser become shallow. We need specific depth in laser marking or engraving. When this happened, we need to check the speed and the light intensity and check the electric currency.

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4.The light is flickering. Check the lenses if it is dirty.
5.The size of the image is wrong. Check the belt of the machine and the motion resolution.

It is normal to have a machine breakdown, however when we check and maintain the machine regularly, it will reduce the time of machine breakdown.