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How to operate laser cutting machine safely?

Laser cutting machine is a new trend in the manufacturer field. There are tons of products that is produce by laser cutting machine. However, the laser cutting machine is also very dangerous. What steps we need to follow to protect ourselves and produce good product?

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First and the most important one, wear protection properly. No matter what you do wear the protection clothes and goggles is always the first priority.

Second, follow the instruction of the operation process. It will never goes wrong if you follow the instruction. Don’t operate the machine base on the experience, even you operate the cutting machine for a long time.

Third, check the material. If you don’t know the material can be cut or not, don’t cut it, unless you figure it out.

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Forth, don’t place the machine without people watch. If you need to leave the operation room, remember to turn off the power.

Fifth, put the fire extinguisher that you can get easily.

Last but no least, check and maintain the cutting machine daily, weekly and monthly.

For the best product result, remember to operate the cutting machine correctly.