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How many types of laser in fiber laser.

2021-03-26 18:44:24

Fiber laser is a machine that use rare earth element glass fiber as gain medium. It have been used in many different fields, such as communication, shipbuilding, vehicle-building, laser marking and so on. The fiber laser have a high quality laser beam. It have high efficiency, good heat dissipation and tight structure.

Handheld laser welding machine

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Fiber laser can be separate in 5 ways. First one is by the material of the fiber laser, you can find 4 different material fiber laser. Second, separate by the gain medium, you can also separate 4 different fiber laser. Third , is by cavity structure. Forth, is by fiber laser structure. The last one is separate by the character of the output laser beam.

Optical Module for Laser Welding

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You can choose the fiber laser that fits your needs. CARMAN HAAS have provide different types of laser component, you can find the one you like and contact anytime.