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Ultra-fast laser applied in different filed

What is ultra-fast laser? It basically means the output of the laser pulse width is between 10-12 picosecond. The time of the ultra-laser machine operation is very fast, therefore, the heat it produce is very small. When the heat is small, the laser won’t cause any damage to the material around. Because of this feature, ultra-laser also called cold working.

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Ultra-fast laser have been applied into many filed, first one is medical filed. Doctors use ultra-fast laser to do the vision correction surgery. Because the ultra-fast laser have high accuracy, no obvious pain feeling and after surgery the vision is correct perfectly. It also use as vein’s surgery, because vein is super thin, the ultra-fast laser can operate the surgery better than the normal laser.

Second, use in the scientific filed. 2PP is a way of 3Dprinting, the model it produce can be tiny than bacteria and also have a high accuracy.

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Third, use in the monitor cutting filed. The monitor of the phones have various shape, ultra-fast laser can cut it without damaging the monitor and can the monitor can be cut in different shape.

Ultra-fast laser can also be use in FPC and OLED cutting. The feature of the ultra-fast laser make all the product more precise, which is beneficial for all the filed.