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What can laser galvanometer scanner head do?

2021-03-31 18:32:03

Laser galvanometer head is made of X-Y optical scanning head, electronically driven amplifier and optical reflector. The instruction of the computer drive the electronically driven amplifier and scanning head which change the laser beam in X-Y plane.

CO2 Larger Area Galvanometer Scanner

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The scanner head use X scanner and Y scanner to control, that in the set time to set a point in the image. Through the scan frequency to set different point, to achieve the change of the image. The lower the frequency are the clearer the flashing of the image. It is kinda like the theory of the movie.

The application of the galvanometer scanner is broadly. It can operate vector marking and lattice marking. The marking range is adjustable and the scanner is featured with quick responding, high speed marking, high quality marking and so on. All the feature make the galvanometer scanner a main product and represent the future direction of the laser marking.

355nm UV Laser Galvanometer Scanner Head

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The galvanometer scanner is now wildly use in laser marking, engraving, drilling and stage lighting control.