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Introduction to CARMAN HAAS 3 3D dynamic galvanometer scanner controllers

The galvanometer is a kind of scanning galvanometer used in the laser industry. It is called a high-speed scanning galvanometer or an ammeter. The galvanometer system is a high-precision, high-speed servo composed of a drive plate and a high-speed swing motor. The control system is mainly used in laser marking, laser engraving, stage lighting control, laser drilling, dot matrix laser medical beauty industry, etc. (China Factory Galvo Scanner Cutting on Sale)

The following CARMAN HAAS introduces 3D Dynamic Galvanometer Scanner Controllers for laser marking, engraving and cutting.

1. 1064nm Fiber Laser 3D Dynamic Galvanometer Scanner Controller

2. CO2 3D Larger Area Marking Application Dynamic Galvanometer Scanner Controller

3. 1064nm Fiber Laser 3D Dynamic Galvo Scanner Input Aperture 10mm Galvanometer Scanner with Power Supply control system Set(1064 Galvo Scanner on Sale Wholesales)

Product Features:

1. Design compatible with a number of brand galvanometer;

2. 2D and 3D mode can be switched to reduce the heat, increase service life;

3. Flexible interface. Excellent interface, fast connection with all 2D fiber optic machines, the ordinary 2D device upgrade to 3D devices;

4. Large size field lens, the light is more uniform. With field lens design, compatible with 2D working mode, optional range from 70mm ~ 300mm field lens, spot smaller;

5. 3D function, the series includes Z-axis dynamic focus unit, F-theta lens and 2D galvanometer system, and self-developed special control software and control board;

6. Internal integrated of red light, using the internal red light preview system, marking more convenient and more efficient positioning.

China Galvo Scan Laser Processing on Sale,  Carmanhaas the 3D scanning system provided by includes multiple lenses, at least one movable lens will move during operation, and the remaining lenses are used for focusing. The movable lens changes the focus according to different laser focus positions on the workplace to match the actual focus length. It can ensure that the laser always works on the true focus of the workplace. In this way, the size of the focus point can be aligned and uniform.

The dynamic focusing system model includes a Z-axis dynamic focusing unit, a movable lens, a multi-piece focusing lens, a galvanometer, a protective window, and a self-developed special control software and control board. High-speed digital galvanometer and optical dynamic axis control can realize high-precision large-format marking and curved 3D marking.