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What is laser protective goggles? What does it do?

2021-03-04 13:37:32

Laser protection lens, also known as laser window, optical window, is an optical flat lens used to protect electronic components, sensors and semiconductor components on the optical path. The laser protection lens protects the focusing lens and prevents spatter from splashing on the lens to cause damage to the lens. Regular replacement and maintenance of the lens are used to ensure the accuracy of the processing. After the lens is plated with a 1064nm antireflection coating with high damage threshold (>15J/cm2), it can effectively increase the laser transmittance, reduce energy loss, and improve the quality of processed products.

Precitec Laser Cutting Head Protective Lens Window

Laser protective lenses are widely used in laser equipment such as laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, and laser marking machines. For this reason, the cost of laser equipment in the processing process is saved, and it is widely used. Laser protection lens is one of the basic optical components in optics. It does not change the optical magnification, but only affects the optical path in the optical path. Mechanical properties such as light transmittance, surface accuracy, thickness, parallelism and substrate material are important parameters of windows.

The role of laser protection lenses

The laser protective lens is an optical glass plate, which is finely ground and polished to form two parallel surfaces. They can be used as protective elements in a variety of complex environments, and their high transmittance makes them almost have no effect on the visible light passing through. Commonly used coatings are anti-reflective film (AR) and anti-scratch film (AS). The effect can also be improved according to customer needs. It can be waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The laser protective lens is the front protective film of the optical system, which is mainly used for the protection of CCD/CMOS chip packaging, optical instruments, measuring instruments and digital equipment, various laser equipment, cover plates on laser diodes, etc.

China Fiber Laser Cutting Head Protective Lens Manufacturer

The laser protective lens is a relatively precise optical component. The laser protective lens is very important to the laser equipment, and its cleanliness directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser equipment. If the lens is not selected properly, it will cause large laser loss, frequent damage to the protective lens, unstable product quality, and cause serious losses to the enterprise. Although the protective lens of laser equipment is a vulnerable part, in order to improve its utilization rate and reduce production costs, the protective lens can be cleaned regularly to achieve the purpose of reuse. Therefore, the protective lens of laser equipment should be maintained frequently.