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Laser cleaning-ship rust removal

2021-11-19 16:22:17

After many years of voyages, large ships will form a thick layer of scale on the hull hull below its waterline. These scales are composed of algae and shellfish attachments, which are tight and hard. On the other hand, after many years of operation, a large area of ​​corrosion will inevitably occur. Therefore, when a large ship undergoes major repairs, it is generally required to remove the coating, fouling, old and rust on the hull, and then apply new paint, so as to ensure the normal navigation of the ship and prolong its service life.

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The traditional rust removal methods commonly used on ships include manual rust removal, mechanical rust removal and chemical rust removal. Laser cleaning is the latest cleaning method in the industrial field. It solves the problem of environmental pollution and can also achieve high-efficiency cleaning. It can be used as an important choice for ship cleaning, and it can achieve high-efficiency cleaning without residue.

1. Manual descaling

Tools for manual rust removal include hammer, spatula, steel knife, wire brush, etc. Generally thick rust spots are loosened with a hammer and then removed with a spatula. The labor intensity is high, and the rust removal efficiency is low.

2. Mechanical derusting

(1) Small pneumatic or electric rust removal;
(2) Shot blasting (sand) rust removal;
(3) High pressure water abrasive rust removal;
(4) Shot blasting to remove rust.

3. Chemical rust removal

A rust removal method that mainly uses acid to react with metal oxides to remove rust on the metal surface, that is, the so-called pickling and rust removal, can only be operated in the workshop. Chemical rust removal has a high risk, serious environmental pollution, and restricted use.

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4. Laser derusting

Laser rust removal is a new green, environmentally friendly and efficient and safe new technology, especially in the aspects of paint stripping, oil removal, corner cleaning and rust removal, and oxide layer removal. Laser cleaning will play an irreplaceable role.

Laser cleaning technology is considered to be the "disruptor" of the cleaning industry. Because of its environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and other characteristics, it can solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning methods, and is considered to be the most reliable and effective solution.