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Precautions for installation of laser galvanometer

2021-07-20 16:03:15

Laser scanning galvo ( Galvo scanning system ), also known as ammeter. Whether scanning laser systems are used for marking, carving, or drilling of micropipettes, they all rely on galvanometers to accurately position the laser beam. So what should be paid attention to when installing the laser galvanometer?

1. The heat dissipation problem of the laser galvanometer

The laser galvanometer will generate a lot of heat during operation. It is necessary to install the laser galvanometer on a support with good heat dissipation such as aluminum or copper, and ensure that the surface temperature of the laser galvanometer cannot exceed 45 during normal operation. The XY bracket is best to adopt an integrated structure, which can enhance the heat dissipation capacity and improve the stability of the system.

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2. Insulation problems

The laser galvanometer and the bracket must be insulated to prevent static electricity and high voltage from damaging the laser galvanometer, and enhance the system's anti-interference ability, but at the same time it cannot affect the heat dissipation of the laser galvanometer.

3. When designing the XY bracket, be sure to pay attention to the lens not to touch together when the XY laser galvanometer rotates to the maximum angle at the same time, otherwise the lens and the laser galvanometer will be damaged.

2. Precautions for installing the driver board

1. The heat dissipation problem of the driver board

The drive board also generates a lot of heat during normal operation, so it must be equipped with a suitable radiator to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 45 during normal operation.

2. The grounding problem of the driver board

In order to enhance the anti-interference ability of the system, ensure that there is a small resistance between the heat sink and the ground.

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Three. Warning

1. The galvanometer system has been debugged by professionals before leaving the factory, and users are not allowed to adjust it at will.

2. The serial number of the laser galvanometer and the serial number of the drive board must be the same, otherwise problems such as self-excitation, resonance and heating will occur, which will cause the system to fail to work normally, or even damage the galvanometer system.

3. Do not operate the galvanometer system without a matching radiator, otherwise the galvanometer system will be permanently damaged due to rapid heating.

4. The input power polarity of the driver board must not be reversed, otherwise the galvanometer system will be completely damaged.

5. During the installation process, pay attention to protect the lens from contamination.

6. Since there are a large number of chips in the drive board and laser galvanometer, you must pay attention to electrostatic protection during the installation process to avoid damaging the chips.

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