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The working principle of UV laser marking machine

2021-07-15 17:42:02

With the continuous innovation of the laser application industry with the times, the innovation of all kinds of laser equipment has accelerated. Among them, the laser marking machine is an extremely important part of the laser technology, because the traditional laser marking machine uses the laser thermal processing technology. , There is a limited development in fineness. As a product in the laser marking machine series, the UV laser marking machine is a newly developed mature laser processing technology that uses a cold processing technology.

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The working principle of UV laser marking machine:

The reaction mechanism of ultraviolet laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, relying on laser energy to break the bonds between atoms or molecules, so that they become small molecules and vaporize and evaporate. The focused spot is extremely small, and the processing heat-affected zone is minimal, so it can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking.

Application range:

With the rapid development of laser equipment and the increase in the power of UV laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines have been used in the high-end market for ultra-fine processing, marking the surface of packaging bottles for iPhone, cosmetics, medicines, food and other polymer materials. ; Flexible PCB board marking and scribing; silicon wafer micro-hole and blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other fields .

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Many of the common signs in our daily lives, such as metal or non-metal markings, text and patterns, BMW logos, mobile phone buttons, etc., are all marked by UV laser marking machines. The principle is that the laser light energy of the ultraviolet laser marking machine evaporates the surface layer of the target substance to expose the deep layer of the substance, thereby "carving" the required pattern text. In simple terms, it uses the laser beam to print permanent marks on the surface of various substances. .

The laser wavelength of the optical fiber marking machine is 1064nm, the laser wavelength of the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is 10.64μm, and the laser wavelength of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is 355nm. Most materials can absorb ultraviolet lasers, such as consumer electronics, mobile phone components, LCD screen engraving QR codes and trademarks, ceramics, sapphire sheets, capacitive touch screen ITO etching, etc., but glass can only be performed with ultraviolet laser marking machines Marking, generally speaking, the application range of UV laser marking machine is relatively wide.