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Safety issues to be noted when using laser cutting machine

2020-07-17 16:28:42

In today's world of industrial manufacturing, laser cutting machines are slowly gaining popularity. With the advantages of high efficiency, flexibility and low pollution, they have a wide range of applications in various industries, especially in the processing of metal materials. metal materialsLaser cutting  Machine wholesale has brought higher benefits to countless metal processing manufacturers. However, during the process of using the metal material laser cutting machine, users will more or less produce some safety problems, some of which are caused by improper operation, and some are caused by insufficient understanding of the machine. The hidden dangers caused by these problems should not be underestimated. Take precautions.

When using metal material laser cutting machine, how should users protect their own safety.

I suggest you to master the following three points,
In this way, you can protect the user's body when using the machine:

First of all, it should be clear that the laser is invisible light, and the laser beam cannot be directly seen by the naked eye, so it is necessary to check whether the laser cutting machine has been turned off when repairing, and do not touch the optical path when using it, otherwise it will damage the human body. Causes serious injury.

The focusing lens of the laser cutting machine contains the element ZnSe (zinc selenide). This element is a harmful element. Therefore, the human body cannot be in frequent contact with the lens.

Pay attention to material problems when processing, if processing carbon steel or stainless steel, the problem is not big; if a large amount of aluminum alloy is processed, a certain amount of dust will be generated during cutting, and if the dust is not effectively treated, it will take a long time. Suspended in the air, people have irreparable damage to the body after inhalation. Therefore, for safety reasons, it is recommended to install dust removal equipment, so that the harm to humans and machines can be minimized.

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Laser protective glasses

There are regulations for laser goggles when using various lasers.
It is dangerous to use glasses that do not match the wavelength of the laser.
Please prepare laser goggles that match the laser wavelength.

Operation method of optical element
It is possible for the optical element to split the light into several beams. (Prism, PBS, beam splitter, etc.) When using these components, please safely terminate all the diverged beams.
In addition, prism-shaped elements may split the beam into unexpected directions.
Be sure to confirm the surroundings of the prism and handle stray light safely.