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The maintenance taboo of the lens of the purple laser marking machine

2021-06-11 16:14:46

In order to obtain an excellent and accurate marking effect, we need to strictly follow the wiping method of the purple laser marking machine lens in normal maintenance and maintenance work to avoid problems such as poor performance of the purple laser marking machine caused by incorrect operation. CARMAN HAAS reminds Everyone: What are the taboos for maintenance of the lenses of the purple laser marking machine?

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1. Avoid the mirror surface directly touching the surface of the hard object;

2. Do not touch the mirror surface directly with your hands;

3. Avoid wiping the 3D dynamic scanning system with non-lens cleaning paper (stick) or forcefully wiping the lens;

4. When disassembling and assembling the lens, do not forcefully press the whole process of adjusting the optical path of the UV marking machine;

5. Avoid breathing on the mirror surface or blowing with air from an air compressor

Note: Be careful when wiping the laser lens.

The whole machine system has high marking accuracy, fast speed and stable performance, and can be applied to large-scale online processing flow production lines. And the beam of this equipment is very small. During operation, our eyes will often stare at the beam of the purple laser marking machine. If we look at the sparks on it when we cut it for too long, it will have a certain effect on our eyes and cause a tingling sensation. So if you look at it for a long time, it will definitely be harmful to your eyes, so don't stare at the beam during operation.

CARMAN HAAS China Fiber Laser Marking Machines Manufacturer Widely used in food and beverage, cosmetics, medicine, cigarettes, electronic components, clothing, craft gifts and other industries. The laser marking machine is a product with very high technical content, and it is also a very environmentally friendly, very high-precision equipment. There is basically no harm to human health. It is necessary to pay attention to the harm of the beam to the eyes and try to prevent It will do.