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Fiber Laser Galvanometer function

2021-06-10 11:59:12

The laser scanner is also called a laser galvanometer, which is composed of an X-Y optical scanning head, an electronic drive amplifier and an optical reflection lens. The signal provided by the computer controller drives the optical scanning head through the drive amplifier circuit, thereby controlling the deflection of the laser beam in the X-Y plane.

Simply put, the galvanometer system is a high-precision, high-speed servo control system composed of a drive plate and a high-speed swing motor. CARMAN HAAS provides laser marking, laser engraving, stage lighting control, laser drilling, and laser welding. And other galvanometers.

1. 1064 Galvo Scanner on Sale, Fiber Laser 3D Dynamic Galvo Scanner Input Aperture 10mm Galvanometer Scanner with Power Supply control system Set Applied to Laser Marking, Engraving and cutting.

2. CO2 Galvo Scanner Supplier China laser RF metal tube Galvanometer Scanner Head 10mm 12mm with Power Supply Applied to Laser Precision Marking and Engraving.

3. Galvo Head Laser Welding Factory China High Power Welding Module Galvo scan head with water cooling for laser welding battery cell covers and car body Applied to Laser Welding Machine.

Carmanhaas high power welding module including QBH Module, scan head and F-theta Scan lenses. We are focus on high end industrial laser application. Our standard model is PSH14, PSH20 and PSH30.