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What are the advantages of uv laser marking machine?

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-20
 Uv laser marking machine belongs to one of the laser marking machine series products, also is a kind of new developed laser processing technology, because of the traditional laser marking machine adopt laser is hot working technology, in the aspect of precision for the ascension of space has restricted the development of ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts is, however, a cold, short wavelength in precision, therefore, the lowest heat affected it, laser technology is one of the great leap forward.
 1.Uv laser due to the small focal sp, small heat affected zone and processing, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, special material marking, rallying the effect is product of choice for customers have higher requirements.
 2.Ultraviolet laser except copper material, suitable for processing material more extensive.
 3.The uv laser not only has a good beam quality, but also focuses on the light spot, which can achieve super fine marks. The scope is wider.
 4.The ultraviolet laser heat affects the region very small, does not produce heat effect, does not produce the material charred problem; Fast and efficient; The machine has stable performance, small volume and low power consumption.
 5.Ultraviolet laser marking machine is mainly used in precision machining of high-end market, cosmetics, medicines, food and other packaging bottles of marking on the surface of polymer material, fine effect, marks a clear and firm, is better than that of printing ink and pollution-free; Flexible PCB marking, scribing; Silicon wafer micro porous, blind processing; LCD glass qr code marking, marking, metal surface coating glass surface marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials and so on.