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The structure of the laser marking machine

Jessica 2017-06-19 14:07:17
The laser marking machine is a permanent marker of the laser beam on a variety of surfaces. The laser marking machine is divided into the laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, and optical laser marking machine. The computer control system is the center of control and command of the whole laser, and also the carrier of software installation. Laser marking machine should be as much as possible in the clean, 10℃ to 35℃ environment, keep dry, dust-free optical device. The laser marking machine mainly applies to some situations which require more precision and precision.
Laser power supply
The laser power source of the optical fiber laser is a device powered by a fiber optic laser, and the input voltage is AC220V. Installation in the control box of the marking machine.
Fiber laser
The optical fiber laser marking machine adopts the imported pulsed optical fiber laser, and its output laser mode is long and the design is installed in the shell of the machine.
Mirror scanning system
The scanning system is composed of two parts: optical scanner and servo control. The whole system is designed and manufactured with new technologies, new materials, new processes, and new working principles.
The optical scanner adopts the servo motor of moving magnetic deflection. It has the advantages of large scanning Angle, large peak torque, large inertia load, small mechanical and electrical time constant, fast working speed and reliable stability. The precision bearing clearance mechanism provides the axial and radial movement errors."Electronic torsion bar" replaces the traditional elastic material torsion bar, which greatly improves the reliability of service life and long-term work. Zero power in any position reduces the use of power, reduces the heating effect of the device, and saves the thermostat. Advanced high stability precision location detection sensor technology provides high linearity, high resolution, high repeatability, low drift performance.
The optical scanner is divided into the x-direction scanning system and the Y direction scanning system, and each servo motor shaft is fixed with a laser mirror. Each servo motor sends a digital signal from the computer to control its scan trajectory.
Focusing on the system
The focus system is designed to focus parallel laser beams on a point. Mainly USES the f - theta lens, different f - theta lens focal length is different, marking effect and scope is different also, fiber laser marking pause with imported high-performance focus system, the standard lens focal length f = 160 mm, effective scanning range Φ 110 mm. The user can select the type of lens according to the need.
Computer control system
The computer control system is the center of control and command of the whole laser, and also the carrier of software installation. Through the coordination control of the acoustic optical modulation system and the vibration mirror scanning system, the processing of the workpiece is processed.
  The computer control system of optical fiber laser marking machine mainly includes the machine box, motherboard, CPU, hard disk, memory bar, D/A card, floppy drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.