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What are the composition and application of laser etching machine?

2021-07-06 11:28:29

The principle of the laser etching equipment is to irradiate the surface of the material with a high-energy laser beam to vaporize the surface of the material to form a line or pattern, which is processed by a galvano mirror scanning method. The following editor will take you to understand the composition of the laser etching machine and application.

Laser etching machine composition

Optical systems, mechanical systems, control systems, vision systems, electrical systems, and external components are all components of the laser etching machine.

visual system:

In order to ensure the effective processing area of ​​the laser etching machine, at the same time, to ensure the etching accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, and repeat work accuracy, CCD camera positioning is adopted, which also increases the hardware cost.

Control System:

The control software has very powerful functions and higher requirements. It needs to control electrical appliances, motors, vision, laser processing control, and laser optics at the same time. It is powerful and belongs to customized software.

Optical system:

Laser, galvanometer, field lens, beam expander (fiber laser built-in beam expander) are all included in the optical system. Due to different processing requirements, the selected optical components are also different.The optical system selects the  (Optics lens for laser etching ) field lens, galvanometer, and beam expander according to the corresponding laser wavelength, and divides it according to the wavelength and pulse width of the laser etching equipment. The wavelength has 1064/532/355nm and other bands, and the pulse width is nanometer. The distinction between second, picosecond and femtosecond laser etching equipment.

computer system:

The linear motor control including the three motor controls of the XY linear motor and the Z axis motor is adopted by the laser etching machine, which can effectively guarantee the repeatability, positioning accuracy, and etching accuracy in the working process.

Others: control display equipment, electrical systems, housings, bases, etc. are also included in the laser etching machine.

Which fields can it be used in?

Laser etching equipment can be used in the processing of conductive glass and conductive film, such as touch screen industry, electrochromic glass, photovoltaic solar cell glass or film, luminous glass or film and other industries.

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