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What are the effects of optical lenses on laser cutting machines!

Some people may think that when the laser cutting machine is cutting, the cutting effect is affected by the assembly and configuration, and the optical lens factor is often ignored. Why do you say that? When the equipment is processing and cutting, in fact, the optical lens has a relatively large impact on any aspect. Without a good optical lens, there will be no good cutting speed and cutting process effect, which will cause the cut product to have a low finish. Let’s analyze and analyze what kind of factor this problem is.

CO2 laser optics lens

After the beam of the laser tube is emitted from the tube, it will go through two optical lenses, one is a reflective lens, the other is a focusing lens. The function of the reflective lens is to reflect the beam, and the function of the focusing lens is to focus the beam. There are two different functions. No matter what kind of optical lens, it is very important for cutting. Why is this?

After the light tube comes out, if there is no reflection of the optical lens, or the reflectivity of the light beam is low during the transmission of the optical lens, the energy of the light will be weakened and the cutting power will decrease. Therefore, the laser cutting machine The optical lens is more important for the energy of the beam. If the energy of the reflective lens is reduced, the speed in the cutting process will drop. The speed of this drop is related to the drop in power. If the reflectivity is only 8% Ten. When cutting, its speed is only 80%. This is a proportional factor. In a sense, when we are cutting, the energy must be fully reflected to prevent it. Affect the speed of cutting.

Optics lens for fiber laser

The other is the focusing lens of the optical lens. Another difference between the focusing lens and the reflecting lens is that the reflecting lens only reflects the light, but the focusing lens focuses the light beam. During the focusing process, the light beam is focused. Good or bad, as well as the focused beam lens, etc., have a greater impact on cutting, because when cutting, if the beam is not in focus, it will also affect the cut material. Laser cutting machine The cutting edge effect is not good, and the cutting speed will decrease accordingly.

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