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What are the specific applications of laser in life

2021-07-12 15:15:38

Laser processing systems, including lasers, light guide systems, processing machine tools, control systems and inspection systems;

Laser processing technology: including cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, scribing, fine-tuning and other processing technologies;

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Laser welding: sealing devices such as automobile body thick and thin plates, automobile parts, lithium batteries, cardiac pacemakers, sealed relays, and various devices that do not allow welding pollution and deformation. The lasers currently in use include YAG exciters, CO2 lasers and semiconductor pumps Pu laser

Laser cutting: cutting of various metal parts and special materials, circular saw blades, acrylic, spring washers in the automotive industry, computers, electrical cabinets, wooden knife mold industries, and special materials;

Laser marking: It is widely used in various materials and almost all industries;

Laser drilling: laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrumentation, chemical and other industries.

Of course, no matter what kind of laser process is inseparable from the optical lens

The role of the lens in the optical system is: focusing, collimating, and imaging. It is usually necessary to apply an anti-reflection film on the lens to reduce the reflection of the lens surface, thereby reducing the loss of light energy and making the image clearer.

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A lens is an optical element made of transparent materials (such as glass, crystal, etc.), which affects the curvature of the light wavefront. It is a device that can converge or disperse light, and the resulting images have real and virtual images. It is widely used in various fields such as security, car wearing, digital camera, laser, optical instrument and so on.

A variety of common colorless optical glasses, including fused silica, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, silicon, germanium, zinc selenide and other materials, including various common colorless optical glasses; and various bands of plano-convex lenses, double Convex lens, plano-concave lens, double-concave lens, super hemispherical lens, small ball lens, meniscus lens, cylindrical lens, rod lens, cemented lens, etc.

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