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Why is the line marked by the laser marking machine not straight?

2021-07-13 15:24:37

In daily marking production and processing, the marked lines are not straight. If the bend is small and you do not pay attention, it is generally not easy to find. If the marking is marked with large fonts, it is even more difficult to find. Although this situation does not greatly affect the appearance of the marking font, once this phenomenon is discovered, no matter whether it is serious or not, it must be resolved quickly, because if this phenomenon is allowed to continue, it will definitely cause greater failure of the laser marking machine. Especially for the problem of the galvanometer, the direct cause of the bending line is the inaccurate positioning of the galvanometer and the jitter.

Carmanhaas (Galvo Fiber Laser Manufacturer China) analysis the reasons for the inaccurate positioning and jitter of the galvanometer are as follows:

Hardware aspect:

1. The interference of the galvanometer signal, such as the signal ground of the signal line and the ground is not connected; the signal line and the Q drive radio frequency line are close to interference, this interference can be checked by turning off the Q drive; the signal line is damaged, for example The shielding layer is damaged.

2. There is a problem with the galvanometer itself, the potentiometer of the galvanometer, or the capacitor or other components are broken or the value has changed: the motor has a problem; the motor and the motor frame are not insulated.

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3. The problem with the marking card is mainly caused by a problem on the DA card, the DA card cannot be converted, or a problem with the big card.

Software aspect:

Computer problems, the software is not installed properly, the driver is not updated, the driver is not installed completely, and there is a virus in the computer.

The above points are the reasons that may cause the marking lines of the fiber laser marking machine to be bent. As long as the reason is found, it is easy to solve the problem of line bending.

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