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What can laser cutting machine cut?

2021-04-14 16:43:35

Laser cutting machine is widely use in different field. We know that the laser cutting machine can cut multiple things, but what specific can it cut and what kind of gas to cut?

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1.Structural steel. The structural steel can use laser cutting machine that use oxygen as cutting laser gas. But if the steel thick as 4mm, use nitrogen is better.
2.Stainless steel. Stainless steel can also use oxygen, but nitrogen will have a better result.

The two steel above can use oxygen, but the oxygen may lead the metal to oxidize and made the product turns black and rough. Hence people use nitrogen more.

3.Aluminum. Due to different laser cutting machine, that can cut the aluminum which thickness under 6mm. Use nitrogen to cut it can also get a smooth section.
4.Copper and brass. When cutting copper and brass, remember to use machine that have reflection-absorbing equipment, otherwise they will reflect the laser and damage the optical component, so as the aluminum above.

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5.Titanium. Titanium can use argon and nitrogen as laser gas.
6.Paper. The beautiful paper decor is made by laser cutting machine.
7.Plastic. Laser cutting ensure the plastic have a smooth cutting section.
8.Glass. Use laser to cut the class is safer than the traditional method.

Remember to operate the machine safely and you will produce a good product.