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CO2 laser marking machine use on fruit

2021-04-13 19:00:46

We use CO2 laser machine in many different field. No matter is cutting, marking or engraving, CO2 becomes the best method than the others. The reason is the quality of the cutting is excellence, the speed of the cutting is fast and it is clean, safe and no pollution.

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The CO2 marking machine is regularly used in daily life. Did you ever notice the change of the fruit in the market? Producer used to stick information sticker on the fruit, such as apple, orange and banana. However, the sticker can be replaced or ruined which made the food quality becomes a concern to the consumer. On the other hand, some sticker is hard to peel off, especially fruit like apple, pear and kiwi. The sticker glue will stay on the fruit skin and people have to cut it.

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With CO2 marking machine, the situation has change. The marking machine made the high energy intensity laser focus on the fruit skin and mark the information without harming the fruit itself. Therefore, the mark can be easily seen and hard to replace which ensure the safety of the fruit. Plus, it save the cost and the material of traditional marking which is more environmentally friendly.