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What can laser engraving do?

2021-04-21 10:00:49

We see laser engraving in our daily life every single day. We can see some personal customize that use laser engraving to engrave the words or picture customer want. Such as, phone case, back of the phone, headphone case and computer pencil. In order to make our product separate from others and make it more personalize. We chose laser engraving.  

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Except making personal words or image on different product, what else can laser engraving machine do or what is the function of it?

1.Vector cutting. It is different from engraving, the cutting is operate outside the design frame. It is usually use on the material like wood, acrylic and paper to operate through cutting.

2.Adjustable engraving speed. The speed of the laser machine can adjust by the computer and panel.

3.Adjustable intensity of engraving. The more intensity the machine have, the more deep of the engraving.

4.Adjustable spot size. We can use optical lenses to adjust the spot size.

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The laser engraving machine always use CO2 as laser gas which can apply to multiply material and also very affordable. Plus, it is safe to operate and environmental friendly. It can produce accurate product in a rapid speed.

Different laser machine now is used in many different field. CARMEN HAAS now provide different laser component and laser machine for your choice, you can chose whatever you want due to your need.