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What can’t be cut by fiber laser machine?

2021-04-21 10:48:18

Laser cutting machine are wildly use in different field, such as automobile, airline and medical area. However, is that true that laser cutting machine can cut everything? Especially fiber laser cutting machine.

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The most important point of the fiber laser machine is the cutting range of it. Fiber laser machine is basically use for cutting metals. Therefore, fiber laser cutting machine can’t be applied to stone, leather and fabric.

On the other hand, fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut density board. Density board is made from fiber board, wood fiber and plant fiber. The material of the density board will cause flame and burnt. Because the fiber laser cutting is a heat cutting, the material of the density board is flammable which will cause dangerous.

Material that have high reflectivity can’t be cut. Like copper and other rear metal they have a high reflectivity. Even you can cut it with the fiber laser machine, but the energy reflect by the rear metal is harmful to the lenses.

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There are still other material like wood, PVC, ABS, glass fiber and so on. These materials may cause dangerous like poison gas and flame. On the product side, fiber laser may leave a bad section on the material and have discolour on the product. Hence, in order to elongate the usage life of the fiber laser cutting machine, we need to figure out what can be cut and what can’t.