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Handheld Laser Welding Head 2Kw Welder head supplier ChinaHandheld Laser Welding Head 2Kw Welder head supplier ChinaHandheld Laser Welding Head 2Kw Welder head supplier China

Handheld Laser Welding Head 2Kw Welder head supplier China

  • Application: Laser Welding
  • Laser Type: Fiber Laser
  • Laser wavelength: 1030-1090nm
  • Output Power: 1Kw/1.5Kw/2Kw
  • Brand Name: CARMAN HAAS
  • Certification: CE, ISO

 Product Information

Product Description: 

Laser welding is a new welding method and handheld laser welding is more widely used. CARMANHAAS the China Handheld Welding Manufacturer supply of laser welding machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small and light weight, wide use range, simple operation and fine weld seam, which greatly improves the welding efficiency and quality. Hand-held laser welding solves the existing welding problems such as poor welding of corners, insufficient welding, post-processing of welds, unsightly welds, and so on. It is the first choice for most metal welding.

Structure composition

Carmanhaas welding head consists of seven basic units: QBH connector, collimation module, galvanometer module, wireless control module, focusing module, protective mirror module and nozzle module.

Technical Parameter:

 Model:  HW960
 Laser power  Max.2000W
 Optical fiber interface type  QBH
 Focus lens specifications  Dia=20mm,F=150mm
 Collimating lens specifications  Dia=20mm,F=50mm
 Maximum clear aperture diameter  16mm
 Laser wavelength  1064nm
 Welding head weight  ≤1000g
 Maximum external size of welding head (width)  47mm
 Nozzle size  Outer diameter 10mm, tolerance -0.02mm to -0.04mm, length 72.5mm

China 1000W handheld welder head fiber laser factory

Applicable materials:

Laser welding machine can be used in welding stainless steel, luminum, copper, chromium, nickel, titanium and other metals or alloys.

1. 1000w/1kw handheld laser welder can weld 0.5-2mm steel;

2. 1500w/1.5kw fiber laser welder is used to weld 0.5-3mm steel;

3. 2000w/2kw laser welder can weld 0.5-4mm steel,0.5-3mm aluminum.

* The above data is based on the triangular light spot. 

* Due to the difference of the plate and labor, please refer to the actual welding.

Our Service

》Pre-sale service
(1)Free sample marking 
For free sample testing, please send us your file, we will do marking here and make video to show you the effect,or send sample to you for checking quality.

(2)Customized machine design
According to customer's application, we may revise our machine accordingly for customer's convenience and high production efficiency.

》 After-sale Service
After the machine reach the buyer’s site, the engineers from the seller are responsible for machine installation and commissioning by using the special tools under the help of the buyer. Buyer should pay for our engineer visa fee, air tickets, accommodation, meals etc.

In order to provide training in safe operation, programming and maintenance, Machine Supplier shall provide qualified instructors after Buyer finally installs the equipment.
1.Mechanical maintenance training
2.Gas / electronic maintenance training
3.Optical maintenance training
4.Programming training
5.Advanced operation training
6.Laser safety training

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Welding Samples :



 Packing List

 P/N    Item Name    Quantity
   Handheld laser welding head  Carmanhaas   1 set
Free Accessories  
 1  Spare copper nozzle    7pcs
 2  Spare protective lens    5pcs
 3  Laser Protective Googles   1064nm  1 pc

Note: The above table is only for the standard factory configuration 

Return Policy: 

We provide a free ONE YEAR Full Machine WARRANTY  and TWO YEARS Laser Source WARRANTY

Should returns be required:
Step 1) Contact us with this website email.
Step 2) Provide as much detail as possible about the problem you are having.
Step 3) Authorization to return the item will be issued.
Step 4) Return the item for the agreed replacement or refund.


Optics order ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc

For Laser Machine order delivery, can be optional with terms of EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF by Express, Air Freight or Sea Freight based on the buyer’s forwarder or ours.


Q1.Are you a manufacturer? 

A1: Yes, we are professional and experienced manufacturer with our own molds and production lines. 

Q2.How about quality of products? 

A2: Our technicians and QC teams test the products one by one using aging line, professional devices and instruments to ensure the quality for all products.  

Q3.How about price? 

A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices. 

Q4.How to place an order? 

A4: Contact with online service, or sent email to us directly, we will reply to you with product price, specifications, packing etc. soon. Thank you.  

Q5.May I send material to test marking performance?  

A5: Yes! You are welcome to send material to test our superior quality and service.  

Q6.Can I visit your factory? 

A6: Yes, welcome to visit our factory at your convenient time.  

Q7.How can I make OEM or ODM orders? 

A7: We have different print processing for different OEM/ODM orders. Please contact us with online service or send email to us directly.  

Q8. How should I pay for my orders? 

A8: You can pay by T/T would be available for qualified bank and MOQ required for each order.

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