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Application and advantages of laser cutting technology in solar cell industry

2021-02-23 18:23:11

As one of the clean, pollution-free and renewable energy sources, solar cells have promoted the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry and have played a very important role in the development of the photovoltaic industry. There are many types of solar cells. According to the material, there are silicon-based solar cells (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous), etc. At present, crystalline silicon solar cells are the leading products in the photovoltaic market, with a conversion rate of up to 20%. In the manufacturing process of crystalline silicon solar cells, laser cutting technology is mainly used for cutting wafer cutting and dicing cutting.(Onsolar Cell Factory China Laser Cutting)

Compared with traditional methods, laser cutting technology has unique advantages, mainly as follows:

1) The cutting precision is high, the cutting seam is narrow, the quality is good, the heat affected zone is small, and the cutting end surface is flat and smooth;
2) Fast cutting speed and high processing efficiency;
3) It is a kind of non-contact processing, no mechanical processing force, no deformation, no pollution problems such as processing chips, oil pollution, noise, etc., it is a kind of green environmental protection processing; (China Reflector Manufacturer )
4) Strong cutting ability, almost any material can be cut.

As one of the important application technologies in the industrial field, laser cutting technology has played a very important role in the field of solar cells. (Power Battery Manufacturer China Laser Cutting ) Compared with other processing technologies, laser cutting technology is more efficient. On the one hand, it improves process reliability and on the other hand reduces Cost of production. These advantages have been fully embodied in the production of crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells.