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Carman Haas Optical Company supplies F-theta lens to assist laser production

2021-02-24 16:54:06

CARMAN HAAS 355nm Wavelength F-Theta Scan Lenses on Sale, UV F-theta Scan Lenses for UV Laser Marking Machine, 3D Printing (SLA), Focal Length is 163mm, 254mm, 360mm, 430mm.

Laser marking optical components mainly include beam expander and F-THETA scan lenses. The role of the beam expander is to enlarge the beam diameter and reduce the beam divergence angle. F-Theta scan lenses achieves uniform focusing of the laser beam.

Carmanhaas Telecentric scanning lenses are a special configuration in which the arrangement of optics are designed to focus the beam such that it is always perpendicular to the flat field.

This is especially important for drilling applications such as via hole drilling in printed circuit boards, ensuring that the drilled holes are perpendicular to the surface even off the center of the scanning field. Welding and structuring applications can also benefit from the use of a telecentric lens , as the spot remains round, even along the edges of the field.

532nm Wavelength Telecentric F-theta Scanner Lenses Wholesales Applied to Laser Cutting
(1) High precision, small assembly error: <0.05mm
(2) High transmittance: >/=99.8%
(3) High damage threshold: 10GW/cm2

CARMAN HAAS China F-Theta Objective Lens Factory, the objective lens is diffraction limited and can provide a high level of image quality. They also provide a higher damage threshold and high spot consistency throughout the scan range. They guarantee the minimum focus shift of extremely powerful lasers. Low absorption fused silica and robust optical coating make it suitable for ultra-short pulse laser applications, providing minimal absorption for extremely strong lasers, and output power in the kilowatt range.

Carmanhaas Advantages:
(1)Made to custom requirements.
(2)Advanced in-house design, based on years of innovation in the field
(3) Perpendicular beam for critical applications