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Application of laser marking machine

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-15

First, the software's first composition:
  Two-dimensional text, but arc typesetting, two direction can be optional Angle and interval can be set filling (mobile phone keyboard marking must fill two direction), the scanning function of similar engraving machine.In general operation speed, the filling and induction need accurate collaboration, and the supply of the supply must be a certain amount of compensation when the speed is fast.
  Bar code, two dimensions and two and a half bar codes, can choose the content of the output bar code.Supply filling function.Serial number: includes the production time and serial number, need to supply a variety of formats, for example: the laser marking machine product factory number (April 26, 2013; 2013-10-26).The supply is automatically based on the set initial value and step length.Sometimes you need to mark the name of the person or other words, and the TXT file, which is now sorted through the outside, automatically outputs the text.Supply filling function.
  Receive bitmaps and format files such as PLT and DXF.
  To hit, click on the screen once to become a micropore, and then array.Every point in the hour can be set.
  Array, replication, policy to move, rotate, align and so on.
  Shoe bag leather, leather material marking, primary images, sometimes need to hollow out together, a single customer need to add trim the data of the volume, may play a large leather, can marking plan than marking the processing plan of the head need accurate puzzle.Food, pharmaceuticals: packaging and marking, the first production date and serial number, all need the collaboration line.Higher need is exploration transmission speed automatically by the sensor, adjust the marking speed, with the guarantee under the condition of the conveyor belt speed inequality can be accurately marking.
  Keyboard: the phone's light and computer keyboard.You also need a collaborative pipeline.Button marking: first of all, a company or brand logo on a resin or plastic button, all need curved text layout.
  The denim image is marked with large scale and high power, which is necessary to coordinate the movement of a single shaft.
  Electronic devices, chip marks
  Hardware tools, bearings, aluminum parts, cleaning and leading marks: metal marking.First company logo and serial number.
Jewelry marking: first and foremost, you need to be made very accurately.It is necessary to have accurate red spot positioning.
  The work of tobacco work is marked: high speed mark, the first is the hole of the hole, the size of the aperture is the size of the spot.
  The above is a description of the laser marking machine, and the marking of the laser marking machine can be the pattern, the word and the trademark, and believe that there will be a greater breakthrough in the future.