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Optical fiber laser marking machine

Jessica 2017-06-15 16:26:49

   Optical fiber laser marking machine is a precision equipment, it is difficult to repair, so the following points should be paid attention to in the daily use process:
(1) equipment shall be installed in the workshop of dust, soot, corrosive gas, temperature not to exceed 10 ℃ to 35 ℃, relative humidity 45% one 85%, in order to ensure the well ventilated and maintenance needs, the machine and the distance between the walls and other obstacles to keep at least 0.6 m.
(2) when the equipment does not work, cover the lens lens and prevent dust contamination optical lenses;If the focus mirror is contaminated, remove the focus lens to clean its lower surface.Be especially careful when disassembling. Be careful not to touch, or touch the lens mirror with your hand or other object.
(3) when the device is working, the circuit is in high voltage.Any fault should be cut off immediately.
(4) to prevent the broken fiber, by optical fiber connection between laser and laser head, in use process shall ensure that fiber bending diameter greater than 300 mm, curved serious will cause fiber fracture and laser system can not work normally.
(5) the laser produced by the laser is the visible infrared light of 1.064 IXm, which can cause third-degree burns even if it is off-focus.Equipment operators must wear safety glasses when operating, visible and invisible radiation are included in the beam, even wear protective glasses look directly into the laser beam is prohibited.