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CARMAN HAAS Teach you to adjust the light path of the CO2 laser tube!

2021-03-12 19:22:32

After the laser is emitted from the laser generator, it passes through the first reflector, the second reflector, the third reflector, and finally is focused by the focusing mirror and then emitted to the working table. The transmission of the laser is actually a process of multiple reflections and focusing. During this process, if the reflector becomes loose, it will cause the laser optical path to shift, making the laser unable to be output from the jet cup. So how to adjust the CO2 laser tube?

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Adjustment steps of CO2 laser tube optical path

1. First adjust the No. 1 reflector, move the beam to the nearest point to the No. 1 lens, and place a point at the farthest point. Adjust the angle of the lens by adjusting the three screws on the back of the lens to make it far away This light spot can be overlapped with the first light spot.

2. Adjust the No. 2 mirror, and also move the laser head to the end closest to the No. 2 lens to hit a light spot, then move it to the farthest place to hit a light spot, and adjust the distant light spot to the first light spot Just overlap.

Note: The position of the above light spot must be at the center of the lens, and it must not be at the edge. If it hits the edge, please continue to adjust the lens until it hits the center.

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3. Check whether the light spots overlap when the laser head is located at different vertices. If they do not overlap, please use the above method to re-adjust the light path until they overlap.

4. After the four points are adjusted to coincide, let's see if this point is in the center of the laser head's light entrance hole? If not, please turn off the laser power and adjust the position of the laser tube. If it's left and right, adjust which way to go.