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Can the laser marking machine mark on glass?

2021-08-18 10:02:50

Can a laser marking machine perform marking on glass products? Many people will have questions about how glass is a fragile and transparent material. How to perform laser marking? Next, Carmen and Haas will introduce you to how laser marking machines can achieve laser marking Marked.

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At present, there are the following types of laser marking: carbon dioxide laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and green laser marking machine. The glass is very easy to break during processing, so special attention should be paid to the marking process.

Glass laser marking process: When the laser beam touches the glass surface, the temperature of the glass surface rises rapidly due to the heating, and the glass cannot be cooled down, and the concave surface produced by the heated area will become larger and larger, thus failing to mark the ideal mark. Machine effect. So how can we make exquisite patterns and text effects on the glass?

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Method 1: Before marking the glass, we can wet the glass surface first. You can cover the glass with wet newspaper, or wet the glass with cleaning fluid, so that the glass carving effect will be better. But it should be noted that the water on the surface of the glass will quickly dry out.

Method 2: After our proofing test, before the glass is marked, use protective foil or tape to cover the glass surface, so that the marking effect obtained is very good.

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Due to the fragile nature of glass, engraving on the surface of glass products requires higher craftsmanship. Compared with ordinary marking methods, laser marking technology has high processing efficiency, beautiful and detailed marking products, no need to consume materials, environmental protection, energy saving, and convenient maintenance. It is the best choice for glass product processing.

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