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Three ways for laser marking machine to mark transparent parts

The application of laser marking machine is wide, and the marking of transparent workpiece is suitable for laser marking machine. However, when using it, you need to pay attention to transparent solid materials. When light is irradiated, reflection, refraction and incidence will occur. When processing, it depends on which processing method is used.

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1. Discrete point forming ring crack method

A series of cracks are used to form various patterns such as characters, patterns, and barcodes. Generally, the technology that uses this method is mainly CO2 laser marking technology. The principle is that the CO2 laser marking machine sets a marking parameter on the glass and produces less cracks, forming discrete point ring cracks to achieve marking. .

2. Cracked surface crack method

Through a process of heating and cooling, the glass surface is changed to form a mark. This processing method cannot form characters or patterns during processing, and it needs to be slightly pressurized to produce pavilion-shaped cracks along the laser-marked area.

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3. Multiple laser radiation method

Multiple laser radiation is used to form a contour on the glass surface, and then fragments are formed in the area near the meta mark by laser expansion, and the area adjacent to the marking area is heated by heat conduction through multiple laser radiation, thereby reducing secondary cracking Possibility to realize the marking on the glass.

Transparent materials include glass, plastic, etc. Different marking methods are selected for different materials.

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