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China's industrial laser processing frontier market

2020-12-02 18:21:56

From the perspective of the development trend of the domestic laser industry in the next few years, the research and development of lasers is moving in the direction of high intelligence, high power, high beam quality, high reliability, low cost and all-solid state. Combining laser technology with other disciplines, continue to expand emerging application fields such as laser chemistry and laser medicine, especially focusing on the development of precision and micro-processing technologies in electronics, semiconductors, communications, optical storage, micro-machine manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries. Promotion and application. Laser high-precision processing technology creates unprecedented possibilities for traditional processing methods. The automation, integration and intelligence level of laser processing continues to improve. On the basis of combining with industrial robots, it can realize three-dimensional welding, three-dimensional marking, three-dimensional cutting and other multi-dimensional processing, expanding the applicability and application fields of laser technology.

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1. Smart car market
The shipment of smart phones is 20 times that of smart cars, but the demand for laser processing in smart cars is 20 times that of smart phones. The areas that require laser processing in smart cars include displays, battery production, body structure, semiconductors, sensors and lighting. The opportunity of laser processing in smart cars is equal to the opportunity in smart phones, which is also a market outlet.

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2. Micro-nano 3D printing market
Different from macroscopic 3D printing, micro-nano-level 3D printing has great development potential. It is used to manufacture high-precision products that cannot be manufactured by traditional methods. Its application fields include life sciences and scientific research instruments.

3. Digital photonic manufacturing
In theory, through 3D printing, almost all shapes of products can be manufactured with the help of software, but there is still a problem that is the shortage of materials. Materials are a major bottleneck in the development of 3D printing.

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4. Ultrafast laser manufacturing
At present, Germany has launched a 20,000 watt ultrafast laser plan, and plans to produce an ultrafast laser with a power of 20,000 watts and 1 mJ by 2022, which is mainly used for large-area micro-hole applications in the aviation field.

At present, what we control is only the energy of light. In the future, controlling the wavelength and phase of light can create more technologies and applications.