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Introduction to 3D Dynamic Focus System

The laser marking production process is a new technology that is widely used. It uses a laser beam with appropriate energy density and converged on the surface of the workpiece to scan the target surface to cause physical or chemical changes in the material and form traces on the surface to form a mark. process. It has the advantages of wide application range, fast marking speed, stable performance, high quality, low operating cost, low environmental pollution and easy computer control. It has become one of the important application fields of laser.

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The galvanometer scanning laser marking technology is to change the propagation direction of the laser by controlling the deflection angle of two high-speed galvanometers, and then focus on the surface of the workpiece through the F-Theata lens to mark the surface of the workpiece. Compared with traditional marking technology, it has a wide range of applications (suitable for processing surfaces of different materials and shapes), no mechanical deformation of the workpiece, no pollution, fast marking speed, good repeatability, and high degree of automation. It has a wide range of applications in many fields such as national defense and scientific research.

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The dynamic focus scanning head of Xinte Optoelectronics is specially designed for laser scanning with small spot, large working range and high flexibility. During the scanning process, the divergent lens in the device is driven by a motor relative to the focusing lens to achieve the optical axis. Dynamic and precise positioning. This process changes the total focal length of the system and works synchronously with the scanning deflection lens, so the two-dimensional scanning can be extended to a three-dimensional scanning system. The device can replace expensive plan objective lenses in two-dimensional scanning applications, and can also implement a three-dimensional beam deflection scanning system. Suitable for CO2, YAG and fiber lasers. The most notable feature of mature applications in many industries is speed, which improves the efficiency of processing enterprises.

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Among various marking methods, galvanometer marking has a wide range of applications, including vector marking and dot matrix characters, and the marking range is adjustable and the marking speed is relatively fast. Therefore, it has become the current mainstream marking. The marking method is considered to represent the future development direction of laser marking.