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Different laser wavelength applications

2021-06-22 17:47:37

Laser is a special kind of light with light characteristics, but it has a purer color and greater energy than ordinary light. The wavelength of laser light is the same as that of ordinary light, from infrared to ultraviolet, there is laser. The wavelength is on the order of several thousand nanometers or less, and the shorter the laser wavelength is, the closer it is to the ultraviolet region, which can be several hundred nanometers or less.

Different wavelengths are suitable for different lasers and materials. Today CARMAN HAAS will show you which lasers and materials are suitable for different waves. The following is an example of a marking machine:

1. The laser wave is 10.6um, used for China CO2 Laser marking machine, mainly used for leather, cloth, wood, bamboo products, plastic, rubber, PVC and other non-metallic materials.

2. The laser Wavelength 1064nm, used for fiber laser marking machine: suitable for marking on metal materials, and also for marking on some non-metal materials (nonmetals with harder materials and higher ignition points).

Wavelength 1064nm is also used in mopa laser marking machine, which is a special fiber laser marking machine mainly used for marking metal materials, but also for some non-metal materials (non-metal materials with harder materials and higher ignition points); But it has a function that other types of laser marking machines cannot do, that is, aluminum alloy and anodized aluminum laser blackening. It can perform shallow blackening of aluminum profiles, especially anodized aluminum, so as to achieve visual and permanent effects, fine and beautiful, and the marking surface is smooth and has no unevenness.

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3. The laser Wavelength 532nm, used for green laser marking machine, semi-cold light source, small heat affected area, suitable for most metal and non-metal materials, and made up for the problem of insufficient detail and poor effect of fiber laser marking for many materials .

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4. Wavelength 355nm, used in UV laser marking machine, all cold light source, also called cold light machine. Mainly used in the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, with good beam quality, smaller focus spot, ultra-fine marking, extremely small heat-affected area, no thermal effect, no material scorching problem, wide application range, copper removal In addition to the material, other materials are applicable.

We must pay enough attention to the choice of laser wavelength and choose a suitable wavelength to complete the laser marking work.