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Steps to adjust the optical path of UV laser marking machine

2021-06-21 15:05:31

In order for the laser marking machine to have a good marking effect and high work efficiency, it is necessary to have a high-quality laser beam and to ensure the high precision of laser marking. This requires us to adjust the optical path system of the laser marking machine to the best condition before working. To adjust the optical path system of the laser marking machine, what steps need to be paid attention to?

The adjustment of the optical path of the UV laser marking machine requires patience, earnestness and carefulness. The specific steps are as follows:

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1. First turn on the red light power supply and remove the acousto-optic acousto-optic Q switch. Adjust the front and rear mirrors and modules so that the reflected light spot coincides with the red light luminous spot. To

2. In the second step, turn on the circulating refrigerator and the laser power supply. Place the frequency doubler between the beam expander and the front mirror. Adjust the laser power supply. Adjust the power supply value to about 10A or more. Observe whether there is a green laser on the frequency multiplier. Gently adjust the front mirror bracket until a green laser appears. Gradually reduce the output current of the laser power supply until 8A. Or smaller.

3. In the third step, continue to slightly adjust the four adjustment knobs on the front and rear reflector frames to make the diameter of the green laser spot become the largest and brightest. Place the frequency multiplier under the focusing lens, adjust the beam expander bracket to make the diameter of the spot the brightest and roundest (Note: Never adjust one of the adjustment knobs too large or too fast, otherwise it will be easy Laser circuit deviation occurs and there is no laser. Usually laser marking machine equipment has optical path locking screws, please tighten them immediately after adjusting the optical path to prevent the equipment from running or excessive vibration, which may cause the optical path to deviate).

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4. Install the acousto-optic Q switch, put the frequency doubler between the front mirror and the beam expander, and observe whether the acousto-optic acousto-optic Q-switch light lock is normal, whether there is light leakage, and when there is light leakage by switching the Q drive power supply. Adjust the Q position. After adjustment, increase the laser power current to observe whether there is light leakage until there is no light leakage at all.

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