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Different optical lenses materials.

Optical lenses is essential in the laser machine. We need optical lenses to adjust the laser path, to focus the laser beam or expand the laser beam. We use different types of lenses in the laser machine. What is the difference between these lenses and what is the character of them?

There are four types of lenses: optical lenses, ultraviolet band optical lenses, infrared band optical lenses and crystal optical lenses. According to different needs, the material of the lenses are different too.

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1.ZnSe. ZnSe is an excellence infrared material. It has a wild transparent ranges(500nm-19000nm). Due to the good imagine performance and thermal shock character, it is usually used in the CO2 laser machine and other field like medical, astronomy and infrared night vision.

2.Si. Si is an optical material that broadly use in the infrared band. The transparent range of Si is between 1200nm to 7000nm. In the range between 3nm to 5nm the transparent efficient is the better. It is used in the military equipment, CCTV, electric devices and so on.

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3.CaF2. CaF2 have a good transparency between ultraviolet and middle infrared. It is normally used in the excimer laser machine. In the 1.064 µm wavelength, the reflective index is 1.428. The stability of the machine and the environment is high. It is suitable for the field that require low damage threshold, low florescence and high uniformity.

4.Quartz. Quartz have a good piezoelectric property and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The excellence physical and optical character made the quartz broadly use in the delicate electrical devices and laser technique.