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Four methods of laser cleaning.

2021-04-26 17:20:15

Because of the characters laser cleaning have, it has been broadly use in different field. In laser cleaning, there are different cleaning method due to different needs. In total, there are four ways to operate the laser cleaning.

First, laser cleaning. This is the basic cleaning method in laser cleaning. Use laser pulse to cleaning directly.

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Second, laser plus liquid film method. In this method, you need to deposit a layer of liquid film on the matrix. Then, when laser beam on the liquid film, the liquid film will heat immediately and have explosive vaporization. The explosive wave will loose the dirt on the matrix and remove them.

Third, laser plus inert gas method. While the laser is cleaning, use inert gas to blow off the dirt that has been removed. Use gas to prevent double pollution and oxidation.

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Fourth, use laser to loose the dirt and cleaning in a non-corrosive way. This method use laser to make the dirt loose, then people can clean it use ways like water clean or mop to wipe off the dirt.

Methods 1-3 are mainly use in the industrial field. The fourth method is basically used in the art work filed. For example, it can be use to clean the cultural relic that is delicate.