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Five key parts of laser cutting equipment maintenance and maintenance (on)

2020-11-23 16:50:32

The laser cutting machine is a combination of high-precision components. In order to ensure its normal use, the equipment must be maintained and maintained daily. Regular professional operations can effectively reduce the impact of the environment on the components. The maintenance and maintenance are in place to make them efficient. High, trouble-free long-term stable operation.

CO2 Cutting Machine Parts

The main components of laser equipment are circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, optical system, and dust removal system.
The main daily maintenance parts are the cooling system (to ensure the constant temperature effect), the dust removal system (to ensure the dust removal effect), the optical system (to ensure the beam quality), and the transmission system (focus on ensuring normal operation).

Power battery laser cutting lens

Transmission system

After the linear motor guide rail is used for a period of time, smoke and dust will have a corrosive effect on the guide rail, so it is necessary to remove the organ cover regularly to maintain the linear motor guide rail. The cycle is once every six months.

Power off the laser cutting mechanism, open the organ cover and wipe the guide rails clean with a clean soft cloth, and then smear a thin layer of white guide rail lubricant on the guide rails. After applying the oil, pull the slider back and forth on the guide rails to ensure lubrication Oil enters the inside of the slider. Remember not to touch the guide rail directly with your hands, otherwise the guide rail will rust and affect operation.

Precitec laser cutting head protective lens window

Optical system

Do not touch the surface of the optical lens (protective lens, focusing lens, etc.) directly with your hands, as this will easily cause scratches on the mirror surface. If there are oil stains or dust on the lens surface, it will seriously affect the use of the lens, and the lens should be cleaned in time. Different lens cleaning methods are different;
Mirror cleaning: Use a spray gun to blow off the dust on the lens surface; clean the surface of the lens with alcohol or lens paper.

Focus lens cleaning: first use a spray gun to blow off the dust on the mirror; then use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirt; use a new cotton swab moistened with high-purity alcohol or acetone to move in a circular motion from the center of the lens to scrub the lens, after each week , Change to another clean cotton swab, repeat the above operation until the lens is clean.