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Front focusing galvanometer and rear focusing galvanometer in laser marking machine

2021-08-23 14:37:57

The function of the focusing system in the laser marking machine is to focus the parallel laser beam at one point. The f-θ lens is mainly used. The focal length of different f-θ lenses is different, and the marking effect and range are different. The fiber laser marking machine uses an imported high-performance focusing system. The standard lens focal length f=160mm, effective scanning The range is Φ110mm. Users can choose a lens according to their needs. So what are the differences between the front focusing galvanometer and the rear focusing galvanometer and their advantages and disadvantages?

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1. Different lenses

The lens used in the front focus galvanometer is a dynamic focus galvanometer, and the rear focus galvanometer is the most common galvanometer usually used.

2. Different locations

The front focusing galvanometer is placed before the light is focused, and the rear focusing galvanometer is placed after the light is focused. The two are coordinated with each other, and the beam output by the laser passes through the galvanometer before scanning.

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The advantages of the front focus galvanometer: In the large-format laser marking machine that uses dynamic focus, a long focal length dynamic focus device is used before the galvanometer scans. The light spot output by the laser can be more easily captured by the dynamic focusing lens.

Disadvantages of front focusing galvanometer: higher cost.

The advantages of the rear focus galvanometer: it is easier to control, the control software is easy to implement, the cost is lower, and the speed is faster.

Disadvantages of rear focusing galvanometer: the scanning area is easily limited.

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