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How to ensure the marking quality of laser marking machine

2021-05-11 18:42:26

Nowadays, many companies use laser to produce and process products, and the utilization rate is very high. Laser marking products are fast and delicate as their selling point, which brings convenience to our lives. Regarding the quality of laser marking machines, we have always had a judging standard. How to guarantee the marking quality of laser marking machines?

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1. The quality of the laser determines the performance of the laser marking machine

Lasers mainly include: understanding of industrial lasers; selecting suitable lasers according to processing requirements; considering the stability and reliability of the operating environment; the credibility of the equipment manufacturer; the timeliness of the supply of equipment accessories, etc.;

2. Speed ​​and stability

The current production line pays attention to high speed, fast production, fast packaging, and fast sales. If it is because the speed of marking reduces the speed of the entire process, then such a marking machine is not a good marking machine. In addition to the speed and marking effect, the next step is stability. The stability of the machine directly determines whether the later production line can run for a long time.

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3. Manufacturing process

Check the technology and manufacturing process mastered by the manufacturer, and evaluate the basic quality of all aspects of the marking machine from the selection of materials and crafts in actual production. The marking fineness of a laser marking machine, because the higher the fineness, the more exquisite patterns marked by the laser marking equipment, which will improve the quality of the product. The method of comparing the fineness of the marking machine is very simple, directly use the laser marking equipment to mark a thin line. The width of the other fine lines of the higher-precision model is narrower.

From the above, we know from three aspects how to ensure the marking quality of the laser marking machine. When purchasing, we must choose according to our own needs. When using it, we must maintain and maintain it regularly to ensure the marking quality of the laser marking machine.