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What are the components of the fiber laser marking machine?

1. The fiber laser power supply is to supply power to the fiber laser.

2. The red light beam combiner frame is located in the light path, used to install the beam combiner and the red light indicator.
3. Galvanometer: The galvanometer of the fiber laser marking machine is generally a digital galvanometer with a 10mm spot. Nowadays, the galvanometer used by most fiber laser marking machines is a digital galvanometer.

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4. Main power control box: If it is a portable marking machine, this is generally not installed, but if it is made into a larger machine, it is still beneficial to install one.
5. Fiber laser is the component that generates laser light, and it is also the most central part of all fiber marking machines.
6. The field lens is also called the plan focusing lens, scanning lens, and F-θ lens. It is mainly used to gather the light from the galvanometer on a plane. When purchasing, pay attention to clarifying the scope of marking, and make judgments based on your own needs, and don't blindly seek larger ones.

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7. The beam combiner is also called the light combiner. The effect of the beam combiner: used to indicate the light path. Because the 1064nm laser is invisible, in the actual marking process, we often need to know where the laser is focused, and then determine whether the marking is correct.
8. The industrial computer can use ordinary computers. As for the optical fiber marking machine, since its marking card is a USB marking card, then this computer can also use a laptop computer, which is also the optical fiber marking machine that can be made into a portable marking machine One of the important reasons.
9. Fiber laser marking machine cabinet is also called laser marking machine cabinet and laser control cabinet. If a marking machine is compared to a house, then the cabinet is the structure of the house, and all other accessories are installed in this house.

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10. The marking card is also called laser control card and laser marking card. It is used to convert the text and pictures we draw in the computer into analog or digital signals, and then transmit them to the galvanometer.
11. The red light indicator is also called the red light pen, which is used to indicate the light path. Because the 1064nm laser is invisible, the 650nm light of the red light indicator is visible. The 650nm light and the 1064nm light are visible through the beam combiner. The light coincides, so where the 650nm light is pointing, the 1064nm light is where it is, so as to achieve the effect of indicating the light path. The red light pen is installed inside the red light beam combining lens frame.