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How to extend the service life of the focusing lens of the laser cutting machine?

2020-09-01 18:40:33

Optical components are an important part of the laser cutting head. In the cutting process, every important step is inseparable from the optical lens. The laser cutting machine uses the energy of the laser beam to cut, and focuses the original beam emitted by the laser through an optical lens to form a high-density spot to cut various materials such as steel pipes, plates, and metals.

Long-term use of the laser cutting machine affects the service life of some components. It needs to be replaced frequently to ensure the performance of the laser cutting machine. The nozzle and lens are the most frequently replaced by the laser cutting machine. As long as the lens is clean and clean, a higher light transmittance can be obtained. Therefore, the cleanliness of the focusing lens is very important.

How to extend the service life of the Focusing lens for fiber cutting head? CARMAN HAAS will share with you a few small methods:
1. Generally, in the laser-sealed light path, dry, oil-free, dust-free positive pressure air is used to ensure that dust and impurities in the atmosphere cannot enter the light path, so as to prevent the pollution of the optical lens.  

2. The waste residue produced by laser cutting makes the auxiliary air blow down from the cutting nozzle, thereby greatly reducing the damage of the waste residue to the lower part of the focusing lens.  

3. If it is a super high-speed perforation, you can spray perforation oil before perforation, so that the slag will not fall vertically to the torch, but fall to the side. Thereby reducing the damage to the lens. 

4. Use ultra-high-speed perforation as little as possible, and use conventional perforation to extend the service life of the focusing lens. 

5. It is best to clean and maintain the focusing lens every time before starting work. 

Although it is troublesome to clean and maintain the focusing lens of the laser cutting machine frequently, it is a very meaningful thing to do a good job in extending the service life of the lens, which can save a lot of cost for the enterprise.

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