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How to use 3D printing support structure correctly?

2021-06-01 12:10:06

For metal 3D printing, support is necessary. ( China 3D Printing Metal on Sale Factory )The main functions of metal 3D printing support are:

(1) Connect with the printing platform; 

(2) Keep the shape of the part; 

(3) Prevent edge warping;

Therefore, metal 3D printing may produce a large number of support structures, which will cause two problems. On the one hand, it increases the material cost, and the second adds more post-processing work to support. Therefore, the correct design of 3D printing support structures is a very important direction for 3D printing complex models. When will 3D printing support structures be used?

When your model has overhangs or bridges that are not supported by any of the following, you may need to use a 3D printing support structure for 3D printing. (China 3D Printer Optical System Manufacturer)

Examples of overhangs and bridges with letters Y, H, and T

1. 3D printing support structure does not require support for all overhangs-the 45-degree rule

Not all overhangs need support. The general rule of thumb is: if the overhang is inclined at an angle of less than 45 degrees from the vertical, you can print the overhang without using a 3D printing support structure; the overhang at an angle of more than 45 degrees from the vertical requires a 3D printing support structure.

2. 3D printing support structure not all bridges need support-5mm rule

Just like overhanging, not all bridges need support. Here, the rule of thumb is: if the length of the bridge is less than 5mm, the printer can print without the need for a 3D printing support structure. To do this, the printer uses a technique called bridging-it stretches the thermal material a short distance and manages to print it with minimal sagging. However, if the bridge length exceeds 5mm, this technique will not work. In this case, you need to add a 3D printing support structure.(3D Printing Metal Wholesales China)

Without a 3D printing support structure, it is impossible to print bridges longer than 5mm.

3. The rule of thumb that the vertical overhang is less than 45 degrees does not require support-the rule of thumb

Before you start printing models with drape, it’s best to understand the printer’s ability to print more harmless drapes. The printing mileage largely depends on your printer. A poorly-conditioned printer and the materials you use may not be able to do so. Print the cantilever at an angle of 35 or 40 degrees in the vertical direction!