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Is the strength of the items printed by 3D technology up to the standard?

2022-02-18 16:31:34

I believe many people will have such questions, are 3D printed objects strong? This is a question that 3D printing practitioners are often asked, and it is also a very difficult question to answer. So what factors affect the strength of 3D printed objects?


It can be said that the material determines a major part of how strong a 3D printed item is. At present, common plastic 3D printing materials include PLA, ABS, resin, nylon, etc. In general, items printed with PLA have decent stiffness but mediocre toughness. The rigidity and toughness of ABS are better than PLA. Due to the variety of resins, the fluctuations in rigidity and toughness are relatively large. Nylon has good toughness and rigidity.

Common metal materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc. Generally, the items printed with metal 3D are relatively strong, which are equivalent to castings of the same material.

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Fill rate

In many cases, 3D printing is not solid printing, and the interior will use a honeycomb-like structure. When the filling rate is 100%, the 3D printed item is solid and the firmness is the best.


The structure of the item itself also has a great impact on the firmness. Items using generative design and topology optimization have a good structure, and they also have a good firmness after printing.

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3D printing needs to achieve a balance between model strength and material loss. Everyone hopes to use as little material as possible to print a model with a certain degree of sturdiness. To print a model, if the model is adjusted to 100% solid, the model will be very strong, but the amount of consumables will be used very much, so generally everyone will use a dense surface, and the model is hollow, or has a certain degree of internal filling. All in all, when the exterior of the model is well printed, the higher the filling density inside the model, the higher the strength of the model.